B is for Big Read Along of Moby Dick with Joe Hill

B is for the Big Read Along!

Author Joe Hill started a Big Read Along on Twitter, when he began reading Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

Anyone who was also reading the book, or who had already read it, could follow with the #BigReadAlong hashtag, and participate in discussions.

I was happy to join because I'd never read Moby Dick before! It was easy enough to start, because I signed up for the DailyLit version:


My only trouble is that I still am not a fan of reading on-screen. If I had a paper copy of this book, I might have finished it by now. But snatching time to read two or three Daily Lit snips in one sitting means that I'm still only halfway through the book, even though I quite enjoy it.

Very surprising, given that the only other Melville story I've read is Bartleby the Scrivener, and it still gives me shivers of annoyance every time I think of it!

Moby Dick is different though. It's got a sort of breathless, throwing-caution-to-the-wind tone that I really love.

Meanwhile, Joe Hill created a Pinterest board for the Big Read Along that's fun to browse:


He also introduced me to Melville House:


Of course, it's also inordinately exciting when an author you admire writes back to you! Or even provides out-of-the-blue unsolicited praise for a band you love:


Here's the Whisky Trench Riders song he liked:

Which authors have you written to? Have you signed up for Daily Lit? Or if you've read Moby Dick - what did you think of it?

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