D is for Doctor Who

D is for Doctor Who!

This wee video appeared on my birthday last year, only a couple of weeks after I'd joined Twitter:

@neilhimself: "I call this video, @amandapalmer and the littlest Dalek..."

Speaking of cuteness, here's a baby Dalek dress:

Steve Manfred, a Doctor Who Expert, tweets live while watching older episodes, and sometimes I really appreciate the insights into the Doctor's frame of mind (please read from the bottom up):

Neil Gaiman (author of the episode The Doctor's Wife) did a recent feature on NPR, discussing his imaginative favourites. At the time, on 28 January he tweeted: "There was a lot of Doctor Who that didn't make it onto the NPR list at http://j.mp/VMaJvi. But the stuff that did is kind of fun..."

I wonder which episodes he was thinking of?

He's shared orts and outtakes from The Doctor's Wife. I happened to be discussing them... and he replied!

Speaking of outtakes, here's one that someone shared a link to: Hartnell and Pertwee acting together, many - many! - years before The Three Doctors:

Hartnell is rather dashing! (Even when he's falling down a staircase!)

And then there's Tom Baker:

And Troughton:

And the Daleks, of course:

It's amusing to poke fun of the Daleks, but actually, they scare me quite a bit, especially in the older episodes where it's more the power of suggestion of terror than actual terrifying acts. I still remember how frightened I was when I first "met" Davros. That frisson of fear was done really well in the last Christmas episode with the snowmen:

Which episodes do you love?
Or, if you don't watch Doctor Who (!), which shows or books give you that delightful thrill of fear?


Mark Noce said…
Dr. Who, nice:) Good for you for doing the A to Z challenge. I wasn't quite up to it myself. Luv the title of your blog:)
Melissa Bradley said…
I love, love The Doctor and Tom Baker is my fave along with David Tennant. I was so sad when Sarah Jane passed. She was brilliant and my favorite companion.
Donna said…
I never watched Dr. Who when it was "the thing" to watch. We didn't get the channel where I lived. So now, it is harder to get into it. I think I tried one episode a long time ago. Maybe it's time to try again!
Hi Deniz .. I watched a few of the earlier ones but I was really too old - now I watch occasionally - to get the flavour ..

Still a knitted Dalek - is something I don't think I really want!!

But fun for you .. cheers Hilary
S.P. Bowers said…
Never seen Doctor Who though I've always heard I ought to watch it.
Kristen Dyrr said…
This post just makes me happy. I love Doctor Who. Awesome. :)
I've been hearing a lot about Doctor Who lately. I've never seen an episode but now I'm curious.
Lara said…
Never actually seen this show...
Trisha F said…
I watched 80s Dr Who but nothing since then except the odd episode my friend made me watch. ;)

Love the baby Dalek, so cute!!
J.L. Murphey said…
I finally started watching the new Dr Who series this week.
Deniz Bevan said…
Hope you guys enjoy it when you do watch it! I got into the oldest episodes myself, originally just because they were British tv, and then because of the feel of the show/characters itself - a world of magic all its own.

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