F is for Fun With Bands!

F is for Fun With Bands!

There's local Montreal band Whisky Trench Riders:

At one point they tweeted: "Whenever I get down, I just listen to the theme from 'Perfect Strangers' and all is well again."

Sometime later they said: "Saturday morning, beautiful day in Montreal, and we're listening to the Waterboys. Perfection!"

Tim Burgess of The Charlatans even has his own fairtrade coffee, Tim Peaks, which came about as a result of a tweet!

Every morning he tweets a Breakfast Banger:

He had a great one back in January:

The other day he also tweeted a photo of his first car, a Triumph Dolomite 1600 (behind is his dad's Austin Ambassador):

And a couple of months ago he was reminiscing about one of my favourite compilation/charity albums: "We recorded a Sly and the Family Stone cover for a @WarChildUKalbum a while back... thought you might like to hear it ;)"

And then there's the first ever Charlatans song I heard, which got me hooked on the band ("Big song today - this one's for @GNev2 for lending me his United shirt!"):

Speaking of Manchester... Turkish radio tweets The Stone Roses:

I'm envious of Californians, who get to see the reunited (!) Stone Roses at Coachella this year, and I sort of feel frustrated that I want to see them but meanwhile this:

Also from Manchester and the NME: "New unreleased Noel Gallagher demo 'O, Lord' surfaces online -listen"

Yet more from Manchester:

And two more British bands:

And now over to Sweden... Before Roxette there was Gyllene Tider, and somewhere in between Marie and Anders were in a group called Mama's Barn (FB photo retweeted by @TheRealRoxette):

Anders was the one I was attracted to...

Back to North America for a recent Amoeba Music "What's In My Bag?" video, featuring Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer:

And then there's the Simpsons:

Ending with the Whisky Trench Riders - here's their second album!


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