C is for... Cats (and moving them to a new country)

C is for Cats!

And shipping. Shipping or travelling with any animal can be fraught with complications. In our case we were lucky that Switzerland, unlike the United Kingdom, doesn't require a quarantine. But there's still lots of paperwork, getting their vaccinations up-to-date, checkups by their regular vet as well as a European Union-certified one, microchipping... And all sorts of detailed rules regarding kennel sizes and weight regulations and so on.

Only once you've passed them to the loaders at the airport is it all out of your hands. Who knows what happens to them down there? Or on the plane? There was quite a bit of turbulence on our flight (lucky they got to travel with us as "excess baggage" and weren't shipped as cargo on a different date). When we picked them up, their water dishes had been spilled all over and it was none too clean inside the kennel. The cats themselves were warm and dry though, and when we finally got them to our apartment hotel they didn't seem any the worse for wear. Their appetites haven't returned to normal but besides a bit of mewling, they seem to be settling in.

Jet lagged kitties inspect the new view!


Weekend-Windup said…
It will be nice to carry our pet with us! See it is very eagerly looking at it's new place!
Hi Deniz .. so glad the cats came too - oh gosh I'd hate to be an animal and suddenly be flown away! Thank goodness they could travel with you ..

Lovely views you've all got before you find your own place .. cheers Hilary
Li said…
Glad they're settling in - it must be very traumatizing for animals to suddenly be uprooted and set down in a new place with unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells.
Jemi Fraser said…
Woohoo!!! Wow - so much going on with you! Congratulations on all your wonderful news - the job, the move and the Baby!!! Such an exciting time for you!! Enjoy every single moment :)
They are probably still wondering what on earth happened! At least they traveled safe.
Lara Lacombe said…
I'm so glad your fur-babies were good travelers. I'm not sure how mine would have handled a plane ride--they had a cross-country car trip, and weren't terribly pleased about it!
Crystal Collier said…
Yikes! I can't even imagine that--traveling with cats. Whew! Our lives are so much simpler without pets. Or not. We have kids instead. ;)
M Pax said…
I flew with my cats when we moved from DC to Portland, OR. They never went near that carrier again. I had to buy a new one. Hope they're enjoying the new digs.
Haneen I. Adam said…
I love cats, never really thought about how complicated it is to travel with them though.
What a nice view! I can see I've missed some goings on here. I need to catch up! I hope you're happy in your new place and that your cats are 100% back to normal soon.
Sharon Himsl said…
Traveling with two cats, now that's challenging! They look content now. A new home or temporary one? Sounds like you have an adventure ahead.
klahanie said…
Greetings human, Deniz,

To have been able to travel with your cats is just amazing.

Sadly, my human, Gary, when he moved from Canada to the UK, did indeed have to think about quarantining his beloved Canadian dog. Being six months of quarantine, he made the heart wrenching decision of giving up his dog to a loving Canadian family.

You cats most certainly will soon settle in.

Pawsitive wishes,

Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!
S.P. Bowers said…
I have to say you're much nicer than I am. I would have found my cat's a nice home here and left without them. Don't know if hubby would have agreed to that.
Leslie S. Rose said…
Holy cow - I can barely wrangle my cats into the carrier to go to the vet. You're amazing.
I'm glad everyone made it safely! I had a friend go through this a few years ago and remember her being quite frustrated!
Medeia Sharif said…
My cats always act odd when I move them, but that's around Miami, not to a new country. I'm glad yours didn't go through a quarantine.
Zan Marie said…
{{{{hugs}}}} to the kitties! And to you. You're amazing, Deniz. You know that don't you? ;-)
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks so much everyone!
I was definitely worried; feel better now that the kitties are safely moved and housed.

Hi Jack Russell Penny! And Sara - I had a friend who moved to the UK and couldn't take all her animals with her. It's a relief when you can find a family to take them in.

I'm blushing, Zan Marie!

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