G is for the Guide to Mediterranean Plants

G is for guide...

For this year's A to Z I'm featuring books I've read based on the Reading Challenge.

Today's book is a book your mom loves:

The Guide to Mediterranean Plants

Unfortunately I can't find information about the book online. It was published in the 1960s or so and is a small hardcover with illustrations on the right-hand side of plants and animals, and short descriptions on the left. It was very useful for research when I was drafting my three 15th Century romances set in the Mediterranean.

Instead, here are a few of the plants my mother's featured on her The Nature of My Memories blog:


Which flowers and blossoms do you look for when spring comes?


Li said…
I look for the snowdrops around home.That's my first sign of spring!
I find plant guides like you describe (among other things) at our yearly library book sale. The sale runs for 3 days and they have thousands of books, most priced between 50cents to a dollar. I may never get to Vietnam or Ceylon, but it's fun flipping through the guides. And...I never even thought of using them to craft a background for a story set in those places. Thanks for the idea!
Hart Johnson said…
Spring in Michigan lasts about 4 hours in early May. I miss Portland's long drawn out one where we had snow drops and crocuses in February, daffodils in March, tulips and dogwoods in April, then Rhododendrons and azaleas in May... Instead I get this gorgeous, but extremely brief version...
Our first flower in spring are the crocuses. My hyancinths beat the tulips this year.
Silver berry - I've never seen that before.
Our pine trees have these yellow buds. I know it's spring when my car is covered in yellow pollen.
alberta ross said…
really like the first signs of life, an odd shoot pushing up, the buds still tight against the chill, then the snowdrops, aconites. There are daffodils everywhere now and the crocus are pushing in - yellow and shades of mauve all around us.
I look for Lenten roses, crocus, daffodils, and tulips. :)
I wait for the crocuses, my Siberian irises, lilacs...but, before those, the daffodils and, here in New York, May is tulip month!

But I also wait for the pansies, the daisies, and the black eyed Susans.
Hi Deniz - Japonica I love .. we had a hedge at home of it .. it's coming out now - the Star Magnolia and magnolias; the horse chestnut .. I love those flowers ...the bluebells are coming too ... forsythia .. and generally the greening and colouring of the trees - the cherries soon .. cheers Hilary
What I should have said .. what a pity you can't find your little book anywhere .. it'd be good to see it .. So pleased it's been a useful guide - cheers Hilary
Matthew MacNish said…
I have heard of some of these!

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