G is for Gusto!

G is for Gusto!

Basically, anything and everything that's exciting and flail-worthy that I happened to catch on Twitter over a two-month period:


Discovered a new place to visit in NYC!

My fellow Springsteen fan, Lynne! Though this tweet isn't about the Boss...

Loving Google Doodles with Claire Legrand, but sad that not everyone gets to see them all.

What it says.

When was the last time you say anything that outlandish?
What makes you feel full of gusto?


Well, the comment I left at Clarissa's blog this morning might qualify.
Anonymous said…
What a fun entry :) I'd probably need at least three glasses of wine to say something irreverent :P
Jemima Pett said…
Lovely to see you again at this years A to Z Challenge and good luck with your minioning!

Jemima at Jemima's blog
Matthew MacNish said…
I wish I could get more out of Twitter. Thankfully, I have friends like you, who do!
S.P. Bowers said…
Anteaters hold a special place in my heart. Thanks for the picture.
Neil Gaiman and his wife ARE social media. That's such a power couple.
Hi Deniz .. love the picture of Salvatore Dali with the anteater ..

I need to come back to see how Twitter can work!

Cheers Hilary
Kristen Dyrr said…
I'm a big Salvador Dali fan, so that tweet you shared made my day. :)

From A to Z, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com
I love the look on Dali's face; he's acting as if it's perfectly normal that he's walking an anteater.
Anonymous said…
I never seem to get too crazy on Twitter. Maybe I'm a bit reserved. That's an interesting pic.
DL Hammons said…
There is no BIGGER SPRINGSTEEN fan than me! Period! :)
Anonymous said…
Those were awesome! Do everything with gusto! (And I live on the way between Montreal and NYC.)

Lara said…
Looks like a great cafe!
J.L. Murphey said…
Deniz, anybody ever tell you that you spend way too much time on twitter?
Deniz Bevan said…
So glad you enjoyed it everyone!
Anteaters, eh, Sara? I've never seen one in real life...
I'm getting better, Jo! Been on it since November, and now I actually go a whole week or more and don't make time for Twitter. I'm supposed to be editing, dagnabit...

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