V is for Visions of England...

V is for visions of England...

A few days ago was the anniversary of Lord Byron's death. Here's a quote from the anniversary of his birthday:

Later on, Byron came up under quite a different sort of conversation:

And now, two unrelated items:

The Natural History Museum is celebrating naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace all year!

Newton, by Blake, posted by Sir William Davenant:

And now, the giveaway I talked about yesterday!

I featured James Forrester on the blog when his Elizabethan conspiracy novel Sacred Treason was released. And now the second exciting installment, The Roots of Betrayal, is coming out in North America!

Until 30 April, anyone who preorders The Roots of Betrayal will receive a free ebook of Sacred Treason! Just email proof of the preorder to sbpublicity@sourcebooks.com anytime in April, and they'll send you a code to download the book through the Sourcebooks website.

What's on your reading wishlist?


Hock and soda water?
J.L. Murphey said…
What a cool promotion
Anonymous said…
Byron didn't have quite the facility with the bon mot that Wilde did, but he made some very pithy comments. :) glad to see Wallace getting the recognition he deserves.
Nick Wilford said…
I'll have to hang out on Twitter more. I haven't come across such interesting conversations!
Kristen Dyrr said…
I love your twittery blog posts! You can get a wealth of info with a few short words and links. :)

#atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: kristenhead.blogspot.com
Susan Kane said…
Hock? Soda water makes sense, but "hock"?

Great references.
Deniz Bevan said…
I had to look up hock myself! The OED says it's "The wine called in German Hochheimer, produced at Hochheim on the Main; hence, commercially extended to other white German wines."
Deniz, I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please visit: www.dhdunne.blogspot.com.
Hi Deniz .. I hope to get up to see the Alfred Russell Wallace exhibition at the Natural History Museum sometime ..

Cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Wow, thanks Deanie!
Looking forward to your photos if you visit, Hilary!

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