X is for X Marks the Spot!

X is for X marks the spot!

Well, sort of. Today's posts were ones I saved around the time they discovered Richard III's grave:

Ever had a ghost in your bed? And your mother thought it was a sheep?

And, as Kate Beaton says:

"Now that they found Richard III's body for sure you know what comes next right"?

Weekend at Bernie's - er, Richard's - courtesy of Kate Beaton

I guess you had to be there...

Twitter vs Facebook...
I did notice, while sorting through all my Twitter favourites for this challenge, that a number of conversations that were funny at the time, were less amusing when they required lots of explanation if I wanted to share them long after the original event.

In that respect, Twitter is very much a real-time conversation with all sorts of friends and people around the world, offering something you can't get in the more static interactions on Facebook and other places. It's like a party that's going on all the time, and even if you don't drop by for a few days, you can always 'enter a new room' and rejoin a conversation at any moment of the day. Bring your own drinks!


Misha Gericke said…
I agree with your take on Twitter vs Facebook. Now I have my tweets posted on Facebook so that I don't have to go there as often. I just find it annoying.

BTW. Did you read what got them looking for Richard III there in the first place? It's the stuff of story books. :-)
Zan Marie said…
Good X, Deniz! The news about Richard's bones has been fascinating.
Me said…
Good way to tackle the "THE X"!
Richard will need some serious cosmetics for that film...
Poor Richard III; had a carpark built on top of him, and he still can't be laid to rest because everyone's fighting over him!
Jeff Hargett said…
Something ironic about finding his remains in a parking lot.
Yes, it's like a party, that appeals to me also.
Sue H said…
I prefer Twitter - but I keep my Facebook a/c in order to keep up with what the far-flung family's up to!

Richard III's body was discovered about 20 miles from where I live - there was a lot of local Twittering!

Hope you've had fun with the A-Z hop!

SueH at I refuse to go quietly!
and The Knitting Assassin!

Twitter – @Librarymaid
Michael Di Gesu said…
What an usual place to find "his" bones...

Twitter is much more "in the moment" than Facebook... I prefer Twitter. Not that I am on it that much. I am more of a BLOGGER DUDE...

Have a nice weekend, Deniz...
Susan Kane said…
Poor Richard III---He'll never get actually laid to his rest. They'll end up moving him somewhere else.
DMS said…
You described Twitter perfectly! I love that explanation.

Thanks for sharing about Richard III- I never saw the picture!
Lara said…
Nice post for a crap letter :)
Hi Deniz .. I'm going to get and see the display in the Museum and meet up with Ros ... I'm looking forward to it ... such a 'strange' story ..

Cheers Hilary
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks for coming by everyone!
I missed that part, Misha - will go read some more.
You're right, Michael - blogging is even more fun!

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