A is for Australia

A is for Australia!

Yes, the A to Z Challenge is here!

Actually, before I get to my first A to Z post, today is also Insecure Writer's Support Group Day.

I've been feeling very insecure about my writing of late, as I've been concentrating mostly on reading and real life. On the positive side, this has left me with some idle daydream time -- the best way to uncover new story ideas! I've got two specific stories I'd love to explore in my next round of drafting. Though I really really need to get into editing the already-written stories.

And now...The Reading Challenge list:

I've taken items from the list and moved them around for the A to Z. First up is a book of Australian short stories that I read a couple of years ago:

Edited by Brian James, published in 1963 (sorry so small!)

Actually, thinking back on these stories now reminds me of another book I read recently, PL Travers' Aunt Sass -- Christmas Stories.

I had no idea that she'd been born and raised in Australia. Her Aunt Sass stories were wonderfully funny and wry and also a great source of research - clothing and travel and food from the 1910s to the 1940s sometimes seems very distant nowadays. And yet reading stories from then also serves as a reminder that human nature doesn't change!

Which country's stories do you enjoy reading?


Chrys Fey said…
Australia would be a neat place to go to.

Daydreaming time is my favorite time. :)
Never heard of that book.
Hey, new ideas are good! I wish more hit me.
Hi Deniz - I've never heard of Aunt Sass either .. sounds a great read. I'd no idea she was born in Australia - or what 'an interesting' life she'd led - thanks for introducing me to the book and PJ - though I know Mary Poppins ..

Cheers and happy A-Zing - not surprised you're dealing with real life - enjoy her! Hilary
Anonymous said…
I don't know. I've never picked a pick because of where the writer is from. Though I've been to known to pick books that take place in my city.

Trisha F said…
I'm pretty sure I've never heard of her or this book, despite living in Australia. :)

Sounds like an interesting read though. I like reading about different time periods.
I've never been to Australia but I'd like to go someday. I like reading books that are set in England, especially because of authors like Jane Austen. Someday I want to go to some of the places where her stories were set.
Melanie Macek said…
Australia has always been on the list of places to visit. I love stories set in Great Britain. I've started trying to read stories set in Germany. Good luck, Deniz!
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks all!
If that book of short stories hadn't been storage, I could have shared a few more details -- it's hard to remember the individual tales without flipping through the book!

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