C is for Caravan

C is for Caravan!

For this year's A to Z I'm featuring books I've read based on the Reading Challenge.

Today's is a book with a number in it:

Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka, a funny yet also sad and thought-provoking tale about a group of itinerant labourers and one dog in England.

"The story centres on a group of migrant workers who hail from Eastern Europe, China, Malaysia and Africa and have come to Kent to harvest strawberries for delivery to the supermarkets, and end up living in two small caravans, a men's caravan and a women's caravan. They are all seeking a better life (and in their different ways they are also, of course, looking for love) and they've come to England, some legally, some illegally, to find it."

I loved Lewycka's first book, A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian, and am looking forward to reading more of her stories!

The A to Z Challenge is on, and there's also another event that's just started: WRiTE CLUB!

"Over the course of ten weeks I'll be holding bouts in which the winners will advance to elimination rounds, and then play-offs, which will ultimately lead to a single champion. Bouts between who... or what... you ask? Anonymous 500 word writing samples, submitted under a pen name by anyone who wishes to take part, that's who. The writing can be any genre, any style (even poetry) with the word count being the only restriction. It's a way to get your writing in front of a lot of readers, without having to suffer embarrassment or the agony of exposure. How cool is that?
And the winners of each bout are determined by you -- WRiTE CLUB readers!"

I loved being one of the preliminary judges last year -- this year I'm excited to submit a piece!

Have you read a book with a number in the title?
Will you be submitting to WRiTE CLUB?


Wendy said…
I like your theme for AtoZ. It's always interesting to me to learn what others are reading and why.
Visiting from AtoZ ~
Trisha F said…
Oooh yes, I read the Tractors one - LOVED it. I haven't read this one though.
First time I've heard of the book.
DL's Write Club has come a long way!
Hi Deniz .. I wasn't that enamoured with the Ukrainian tractor story - but now after blogging I expect I'm more open minded to reading it .. and her new one _ I'll catch it sometime.

Well done on submitting a piece for the WriTE CLUB ... Don is doing such wonderful work with his Club .. cheers Hilary
Hart Johnson said…
The book sounds great and the Write Club idea is very interesting. Good luck with it!
storytreasury said…
Never read anything quite like this, but it sounds interesting.
V.L. Jennings said…
Never heard of Write Club- will have to check it out.
I don't remember the last book I read with numbers in it... must have been back when I was a young child. I HAVE illustrated a book that has numbers in it.... Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventures... Yeah it's about shapes but he counts them as he finds them too lol.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks all!

V.L. that sounds like a fun book. Write Club is always exciting, hope you join in!
LuAnn Braley said…
I'd like to say I've read a book with a number in the title, but I couldn't be sure. Great idea for a theme!

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