Photos of Various Travels Part III: Flowers, and Trees, and Landscapes, Oh My!

Photo posts!

It's summertime in our hemisphere and work and life are busy. I don't have any vacations coming up in the next few weeks, so I'm going to catch up on sharing photos from previous trips.

In between writing, of course! I'm still trying to finish the draft of The Future in Time, but in between I write a new short piece for a contest! And I'm trying to find homes for some of my other short pieces...

The third batch features embedded posts from my instagram (the first time I've attempted this!):

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Hi Deniz - well you seem to be keeping all parties happily engaged ... love the cheese on toast with a fried egg and salad - let alone the ice-cream chocolate delight. Actually the summer colours, and plants - all good to see - cheers Hilary
Those pictures look so good! I especially like the one with the mountains in the distance. It's wonderful to be able to travel again; I went on a vacation too recently. During the pandemic I feared that I wouldn't be able to travel again for a long, long time.