Links to Snips

Here are a few links to writing I've shared on the blog:

May 2020 writing exercise, 500-word story

June 2020 writing exercise snip, Dancing in the Dark

Plus another snip from the unfinished 1930s story (see below)

Summer Fire anniversary plus a Summer Blaze snip

My column in the Bizim Anadolu newspaper

Me in Evil Editor's Novel Deviations

Snips from The Face of A Lion:
Fifteen minutes of fame winner!
The first paragraph, in its 2008 incarnation
The first page, in its 2010 incarnation
Same page, critiqued!

An ending-with-a-twist story I wrote when I was 12

My entry in a Nathan Bransford first paragraph contest

Snips that may or may not have made it into the final cut of Out of the Water:
Opening scene, in its 2011 incarnation
Rosa falling down the cliff
Fatherhood revelations
Motherhood revelations
Starting a fire
Chapter critique by Clarissa!
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
Identity crisis
Writing Challenge: Doorways
A kiss

Snips from our Writers' Houseparties!
Rosa and Lord Rochester
A love letter to Lord Rochester

Snips from drafts of Rome, Rhymes, and Risk:
Interview with a character
Page 77

Snips from drafts of Druid's Moon:
First page, in its 2012 incarnation
History of the curse
Page 77

Crusader Challenges
Spring 2011 One, Two, Three
Autumn 2011 One, Two, Three
Spring 2012: One, Two

Rule of three blogfest story in four parts: One, Two, Three, Four

Flash fiction for Yikici!

False start snip for 1930s story

False start snip for 1913 Istanbul story