Year-End Writing Review and Last Week of ROW80

ear-end writing review and goals!

I've done this post rather sporadically since the first year I began blogging (2007!), first in 2010, then in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Finally, I recapped my goals for 2015, which carried over into 2016. Here are the writing reviews for 2017 and 2018.

My 2018 goals were as follows:
A Round of Words in 80 Days Round 1:
enter handwritten edits to The Handful of Time (working title) and rereadquery Druid’s Moonquery The Charm of Timekeep editing Mystery at Bertram’s Hotel (working title) on paperback to school!
Round 2:
enter handwritten edits to The Handful of Timeenter handwritten edits to Mystery at Bertram’s Hoteldo required research for both and come up with proper titleskeep queryingthink about short story anthologyfinal essays for graduate school!
Round 3:
reread both stories, enter final edits, and send to betaskeep queryingfigure out this short story anthology idea
Round 4:
back to school, year 2!get some knitting in?NaNoWriMo 2018!

I managed …

Annual Books Read Statistics for 2018, ROW80, and Insecure Writer's Support Group Day

ere it is, at long last: The Annual Books Read Statistics and Thoughts Post!

Here are the statistics for 2017, 201620152014201320122011 (and the list), 20102009 (and the list).

Books Read: 289, including the following (roughly, and counting three Yorkshire dialect books as one and the Harry Potter series as one and the Postman Pat books as one, which evens out the single poems a bit; I’ve also lumped all my school reading into one, and the five or six back issues I read of Mythlore):
66 novels
133 board books, although these involve ongoing rereads, including the board books from previous years
27 essays and non-fiction and comics
14 short stories and scripts and plays
21 poems
23 YA/MG books

2017: 49 novels, 45 board books, although the railway books by Rev. Awry and the Beatrix Potter collection total 49 books (which involve ongoing rereads, including the board books from last year), 27 essays and non-fiction and comics, 24 short stories and scripts, counting the stories read…