IWSG, ROW80, Basel Zoo, and the End of NaNo

irsts! First time in many weeks that I'm posting on my blog in real time, rather than a week or two in advance. I'm far behind in commenting, but hoping to visit you all soon! First time ever not completing NaNoWriMo. I squeaked in at 20k short of the goal. The Future in Time : Five chapters from the finish line!   A friend reminded me of the Duckworth-Lewis method, a way of calculating cricket scores in a match interrupted by weather or other circumstances. Other circumstances is certainly apt: First time leaving the country and first time getting on a plane in about two years: I visited family this past weekend! First time I'd seen them in person in over two years! Very glad to have gotten back before borders started closing again. First time celebrating Christmas in England -- cancelled. I'm looking now into refunding or extending all our train and hotel bookings. Sigh. Birthday cakes! Mulled wine! Craft fair! Thumbprint cookies! A new candel