August Writing and Walks Across the Moors (England Part 2 of 4)

usy, busy, busy! Here are the goals I posted for August on : Blog -- keep blogging and definitely keep up with social media before my book release in September ! Knitting -- no way, it's too hot :p Reading -- keep going with Lawrence Block (yay!), but start my annual reread of The Lord of the Rings and reread The Silmarillion before the new Amazon show :p Writing -- I missed the July X but would really like to do the August X!, keep editing Larksong Work -- super busy, try to keep up (also, pay bills :p ) First house guest since December 2019 -- clean the place, do laundry, plan afternoons off :-) Family -- submit one more photo album for printing, label items for school (three weeks of vacation left!), plan daughter's birthday party! And I participated in this month's writing exercise! If you'd like to have a go, the prompt is: Mentors ! "From one end of the galaxy to the other you’ll find characters with hard-won wisdom