What I Am Writing

This year I have finished a short story, begun a novel, and every once in a while I take out an older novel and tinker with it.

The finished novel is tentatively entitled An Arnavutköy Spring, and is about a young Greek girl in pre-WWI Istanbul who falls in love with a dashing travelling musician from Brittany.

The work in progress does not have a title yet (watch for a contest - with prizes! - coming soon) but for daily purposes, is referred to as Austin and Kedi. Austin travels two millenia back in time to Ephesus in 41 AD, and helps to ensure that the Roman invasion of Britain actually takes place. His friend on this journey is a grey cat named Kedi. I am halfway to my goal of 80,000 words - woo hoo!


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Is your goal of 80,000 words intended for a story? I too am writing a book (on snails, what else?). I figured about 200 pages would be enough. I don't know if there is a good way to estimate the final pages from the number of words. I counted the words/page on several typical books and came up with a number of about 320. So, I need to write 200x320=64000 words. Your 80,000 words, on the other hand, would be about 250 pages.
Deniz Bevan said…
100,000 words is apparently standard for a novel. I aimed for 80,000 when I found out that the first Harry Potter book was that long - the book is so thin and weighs so little (yet packs so much!) that I thought it would be a more-achievable goal.
So far, at 35,000 words I have about 100 pages typed (double-spacing).

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