70 Day Writing Challenge

This is the tail end of the 70 Day writing challenge. Sven says sweat! but I haven't accomplished anything since the exciting 1500-word burst on Monday. With about 5 days left to go, my goal now is to at least type up ALL the 10,000 or so words I've got in my little notebook. Then I'll need courage to Read It All Once Through. On Paper. With A Red Pen. Oh dear oh dear... Maybe in avoiding that, I can finally finish the library cataloguing I've been doing (on librarything.com) - the catalogue's at 1300 books and I still have two large bins of books to add before it's done.
As for this evening, I hope to type up the index information I've got for Chapters 4 to 6 of Outlander. And maybe finish the scarf/shawl I'm knitting.
So many hobbies, so few evenings :-)


Good luck... though you hardly seem to need it, as you are getting a lot more work done than I am. Have you ever read John Gardner's "On Becoming a Novelist"?
Jen said…

I gotta ask. Index for Outlander?

Deniz Bevan said…
Yup, an index! I just love indexes :-) Anyway, it was something we gradually thought of on the Yahoo group, and of course I had to be a part of it :-) Though it's a very slow process; not only does it take ages to do and to type up, but all the cross-referencing is going to take lots of careful editing. Erm, I also keep rereading the book as I do it! My respect for Christopher Tolkien has gone up about 500 per cent now that I've started this exercise... I can send you the Google Doc link if you want to see Chapter 1.
Deniz Bevan said…
Actually, I've never voluntarily read any "how to write" advice, unless I was forced to in high school English class or it was advice from writers I like who happen to dish out advice (such as Hemingway, EB White, WP Kinsella or Stephen King), and that only because I found their essays funny, rather than for any actual advice. I do like listening to writers talk about writing, and I really enjoy exercises, but I find if one thinks too much about the steps of the craft rather than focusing on one's characters, or simply Sitting Down (or Standing!) and Writing, one never gets anywhere :-)

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