Claire has an interesting post, to which I commented, about how much criticism a writer can take. I dole out much unwanted and unasked for copy editing advice, but I tend to receive other kinds of criticism (such as using too many -ing endings or my dialogue not ringing true). I could put up with copy editing corrections, but negative comments on style hurt quite a bit more. Still, as I commented on Claire's page, there's only one thing you can do - learn and move on... The best part is, if you're like me, sans editor and contract, you get the final say in your MS! We'll see what happens later, come query time...


Jen said…

Hmm, I find it interesting that you find copyedit stuff harder to take than more general comments on content. I'm such the opposite. I figure the writing in general can be worked over -- hell, I didn't even know what "passive writing" was until someone hammered me over the head with it. I think I'd be reduced to tears if someone said my dialogue wasn't ringing true...wait, er... yeah, I think I HAVE been already. (g)

Anywho -- you're right. It's all a learning practice. If we were all perfect writers, we'd be bestsellers many times over by now. Not to say that can't happen, but we all have to build up our skills...crits are the best way to do that.

Claire Gregory said…
Mehhh, crits.

I haven't seen the comments on your September X, but if they're anything like mine I bet you're smarting right now- LOL.

Funny how the most minor comments can hurt if you didn't see 'em coming, I think!

Hey, I put you on my reader so I can keep up with you now.

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