Extended Reply to Jenny

Jenny (www.jennydoesthewritething.blogspot.com) was talking about downtime...
We seem to be sort of on the same wavelength - maybe it's an autumn, bunking down for winter thing. I haven't written more than a couple hundred words in the past couple of weeks, only done sporadic resarch and plot-lining. The story's always there in my head, but it seems to have reached a plateau. I need to get rolling downhill!
I also haven't even been reading as much (which means finishing only one book a week instead of working through four or five), which is strange for me, but it does happen. Just feels weird when it does - like I'm sort of disembodied.
I've been reading Emily Carr's (search at www.virtualmuseum.ca) books since Monday; she has a wonderfully evocative way with language - perhaps the flavour will rub off on me a little, bring back the spark...
Here's hoping the October excerices will galvanise me... I hope you've got a doozy up your sleeve, Claire!


Jenny said…
Acutally, my blog address is http://jennyswritething.blogspot.com


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