What I Have Done Today

This post was inspired by the What I Have Accomplished Today post at Snail's Tales.

1. Wrote 100 words before I started work.
2. Wrote 1400 words and commented on a few September exercises, and posted my own X, in between my 8.30 to 4.30 job
3. Met quite a few of my goals for the writing marathon!*
4. Cleared up some old emails from my inboxes
5. Had a lovely dinner with a few friends and attended Miss Sugarpuss' burlesque show!

Hoping tomorrow is just as fun and productive...

* here are the goals:
1. Do not sleep
2. Write 15K (ha ha ha ha)
3. Post September X
4. Post all comments to other Xs
5. Print story
6. Start editing DH's story for submission


Where are you submitting this story?
Deniz Bevan said…
Orca publishers are looking for submissions apparently...

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