While Sorting Through Old Emails...

...I found this, my oldest email on the web. From my uncle (http://snailstales.blogspot.com/, whose cat Temi just turned 19!) I've got emails from the mid-90s, but those have been printed and long since deleted. The original was mostly in Turkish, translations are in brackets.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: "Bdelloid1"
To: denizb33
Sent: Friday, 23 August, 2002 11:15:13 PM
Subject: Re: hafta sonu [weekend]
In a message dated 08/23/02 14:06:26 Eastern Daylight Time, denizb33 writes:
>Hafta sonu tek basina insan Istanbul'da ne yapabilir? Isden bir kiz ile çikabilirim, telefonlastik filan, ama ondan
> baska ne var? [what can one do all alone on a weekend in Istanbul? I can go out with a girl from work, we've
> already talked on the phone, but is there anything else?]

1. Kitapçi gez. [Go around the bookstores.]
2. Mete'yi ara ve yalnizliktan sikayet et. Belki yemege davet ederler. [Call your uncle and complain about being lonely. Maybe they'll invite you to dinner.]
3. Orhan Pastanesinden Tatli alip ye (Caddenin karsisindaki taksi duraginin sagindaki sokaktan bir blok inince solda). [Get some dessert from the Orhan Bakery and eat it [directions].]
4. Yemek pisir. [Cook something.]
5. Çamasir yika. [Do laundry.]
6. Büyükada'ya gidip benim arkadasim Teri'yi ziyaret et (senden 1 veya 2 yas küçük bir oglu var). [Visit my friend Teri on Prince's Island (she has a son about your age).]
7. Orhan Pastanesinden Tatli alip ye. [Get some dessert from the Orhan Bakery and eat it.]
8. Gece otobüsüyle Cuma gecesi Kusadasi'na git, Pazartesi sabahi dön. [Take the night bus to Kusadasi on Friday night and come back for Monday morning.]
9. Orhan Pastanesinden Tatli alip ye. [Get some dessert from the Orhan Bakery and eat it.]
10. Stare at the walls."

I miss Turkey! If I was there now I would get some dessert from the OzSut bakery/patisserie and eat it.

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