Another Tag Off Snail's Tales

A list of five statements for each of which a Google search returns my blog as the number one hit. The first three statements, according to Google, exist only in a post on my blog, but nowhere else on the entire Internet.
Another photo-worthy lovefest by Frodo and Sam...
A young Greek girl in pre-WWI Istanbul who falls in love with a dashing travelling musician from Brittany.
Gece otobüsüyle Cuma gecesi Kusadasi'na git, Pazartesi sabahi dön (Take the night bus to Kusadasi on Friday night and come back for Monday morning).
The "flavour" of life in Ephesus in the middle of the first century
Learning about mitochondria starts with Madeleine l'Engle's A Wind in the Door
Orhan Pastanesinden Tatli alip ye (Get some dessert from the Orhan Bakery and eat it).

Seems I'll have to find an original sentence about Austin and Kedi :-)


They are pretty long sentences. I'd think that they probably all exist only on your blog.

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