Sven Says Sweat!

Yup, it's now day 2 of round 2 of the 70 Day Writing Challenge. My goal is easier this time: finish the book! Easier, since to do I only have to complete about 750 words per day instead of 900. Now, off to write!
Austin is in Rome now, though lots more needs to be told of their journey across the Mediterranean. Besides the political/literary/etc. timeline, I also need to keep a list of all the books/articles I have consulted, and will need to consult, for research, as well as a list of names and their meanings. Right now I give characters names based on what little knowledge I have and certain intuitive feelings if I come across a name on the internet. Later, though, these names may changed based on historical accuracy and any connotations associated with those names. To date I have:
Austin, main character
Kedi, friend and guide
Theseus, friend
Althea, friend
Pliny the Elder (yes, *the* Pliny the Elder)
Miss Julia
Lady Porphyry
Antonius, Theseus' brother
Constantine, a classmate
and so on...


Precie said…
Go, Deniz, go! You can do it!

Sounds like you've got a solid base to start from.
Portia Da Costa said…
Hi Deniz!

I'm just swinging by from the Sven blog... You've done great!!! Everyone seems to be exceeding their goals so far. I'm just keeping on an even keel with mine, but I'm still pretty pleased about that. :)

Happy writing!
Laura Elliott said…
Great job! I love the name Kedi by the way.
Precie said…
Hey, congrats on getting selected for Evil Editor's Novel Deviations 3!!!
AliceAnderson said…
Congrats on your progress. Keep it up. :)