Following the Herd

November will be offline month. Jenny, Claire, Jen, I'm taking my tip from you guys. I had my computer screen at work turned around so that most of what I did (facebook, anyone?) was hidden. Well, I've turned it right around. And you know that voice in your head that tells you every fifteen minutes "check your email! check the forum! there's bound to be something new!"? Well, I'm trying my durndest to clamp down on him. From now on the only voices in my head should come from my characters. I'll go out on a limb if need be, pretend I'm at a house party and start writing whole scenes from Theseus' or Althea's point of view. Anything to shake things up and move closer to the end. Not that I'm all that eager to enter the revision nether regions, but...
Of course, cold turkey won't work. For now I'll start with: check gmail, yahoo, facebook and the forum ONCE in the morning and ONCE at home at night. Actually, I think I'll start by creating new folders/labels, to store messages in to read later. And definitely no more of this checking to see if the coast is clear at the office and frantically scouring the forum/emails. Anything extraneous (any other website, basically) is out!
All in the name of writing in the giddy way I do when I first start a story...


NBB said…
It's amazing and rather strange how all of us have the same problem at the same time.
What is is that made us concentrate on our online appearance more than on our writing?
I'm off for the month as well, and also resolved myself to only check Facebook ONCE a day and only blog if it's writing related or very interesting.
Tara Parker said…
I had to stop myself from laughing out loud at this post, Deniz! Currently, I have two flat panel monitors at work - one facing me and the other facing me AWAY from my cube entrance!

I check the forum AT LEAST every 15 minutes. Gah! I'm addicted. Vicki Pettersson told me to STOP when we met in Vegas, and I just can't do it...

Take care!

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