Give Me An A...

I've tagged myself off Pam's Blog, but I'm missing the letters G, H, J, L, Q, V, W, Y and Z. Even when I procrastinate I can't get it right!
A) At a friend’s house, playing tag, ran smack into a glass door and bled profusely from the wrist – still have three scars.
B) Burned a hole in a friend’s sweater with a Bunsen burner.
C) Corners of desks. Chairs. Coffee Tables. Anything sharp aimed directly at my legs.
D) Dentist horrors: Fillings back when they still used The Ring and, on the way to (not from!) having a root canal treatment, during a snowstorm, fell in the middle of the street and tore up nylons and legs. Still had to go to the appointment.
E) Egged on boy who said “I can eat all the ice cream off my cone in one lick.” Called lunch monitor for assistance when he started choking.
F) Flu caused me to spew from every orifice. ‘Nuff said.
I) I was two years old... My mom was supposed to be cutting my nails but she was on the phone, so I thought I’d do it myself... You can still see the scar from my stitches on that finger.
K) Kicked by best friend wearing Doc Martens after I blurted the ending of a movie.
M) Mistook contents of gin bottle in fridge for water, downed half a glass at one go at the age of ten.
N) Near-escape from crashing into another car, while in car with teenagers driving.
O) On a bus ride home from a school trip, stuck hand into schoolbag to get a pencil, jabbed the lead point into finger. Had to have a doctor drain the resulting pus-filled swelling.
P) Paper cuts – at least once a week, and will probably continue for the rest of my life.
R) Running from sister, reached elevator first, closed the door smack onto her baby teeth.
S) Scalded self by picking up same Bunsen burner (see B).
T) Tripped going DOWN a flight of three steps. Limped for so long on wounded knee that I forgot how to walk properly.
U) Used a Kleenex on a cut knee and got Kleenex stuck in scab for days.
W) Witnessed one friend kicking a hole in another friend’s guitar while wearing Timberlands.


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