Title Contest

Let me accomplish one thing by the end of this month.
Five-day contest begins at midnight tonight; by December 1st I'd like to have a title for the Austin and Kedi story. The winner will have a ten dollar gift card from any store mailed to their home. Sure, why not, it's the first Sunday of Advent this weekend, and that means it's almost Christmas!
So far I've been thinking along these lines, but not one captures the right spirit of the story:
The Sea Rises
Out of the Shadow of Artemis
When Rome Was... (fill in the blank)
Kedi's Tales: The Roman Invasion of Britain
There and Back Again (thief! Bevan! We hates it forever!)
Kedi's Tail: A Journey in Time
The Rising Sea
Austin in Ephesus
How Austin Travelled to Ephesus and What He Did There
"Light and shadow by turns, but always love"
Walking Backward Through Time
The Rising Sea series, Volume I: Kedi's Tales, Book I: The Cat, the Boy and the Lady


Precie said…
Thanks for the scarf pics! LOVELY! What a great yarn...beautiful color and subtly sparkly too!

I'll think on the titles...I'm inclined to use the word "Rising" but don't have it just yet.

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