Why Doesn't *My* Newspaper Report on the Important Things?

Yes I know I'm not supposed to be on the internet, but this started out as a research project, I swear! I found a photo of Austin in a magazine, so I went on the magazine's website to find out if they could tell me where they got the photo from, and while reading the editor's blog (http://yourwords.typepad.com/adventures_in_chaos/) I found out that Peg Bracken has died.
Unfortunately (having just learned that her books are mostly out of print), I own only the I Hate to Cook Almanac, and will have to scrounge Abebooks and Alibris for the others.
I think these books are even funnier to me as someone who enjoys cooking, and even though I don't value much of anything that came out of the 60s, I do like the women authors of that decade (and the 50s as well): Peg Bracken, Jean Kerr, Bel Kaufmann, Joyce Kissock Lubold; they seem to have had such a gung-ho attitude about life - husbands, children, cooking, cleaning, jobs, etc. I suppose they were the last of a dying breed - women just aren't women anymore.
From the New York Times: "...So did alcohol, though in many cases her instructions called for it to bypass the cooking process entirely and proceed straight down the cook’s throat."
Let's raise a glass.
(NB The title of this post was a reference to the fact that the only English Montreal newspaper failed to mention the passing of both Madeleine l'Engle and Peg Bracken.)


Deniz Bevan said…
In their roundup of deaths in 2007, the Gazette again ignored both Bracken and L'Engle...

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