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I have finally completed one major part of my TO DO list, and it only took me a year to do it! I started using LibraryThing last January and thought I would be finished cataloguing the library within a fortnight or so. Well, 12 months later, I've finally done it! - adding a pile of books to the library even as I tried to catalogue the ones we've already got. It seems when I started it, I didn't realise how quickly it would become such a boring job - it's too quick a task to be chatting at the same time and yet too slow for me, who's used to doing at least two things on the computer at once, if not ten. But kudos to the folks at LibraryThing for putting together such an easy to use template. You're only allowed up to 200 books before you have to pay for your account, so I had to get eight different accounts before I managed to put all our books in. Should I do our CDs/videos/DVDs/LPs as well? I started that once so I would only have to add everything purchased since c. 2002 :-)
I wish there was a way to post the catalogue here. Unless I link to all eight LibraryThing sites. Hmm...


The file you sent was an ordinary Excel file. Couldn't you have done that just with Excel anyway? I mean, why do you need the LibraryThing?
Deniz Bevan said…
With Excel I would have to type up every piece of information on my own - the beauty of LibraryThing is that you search for your book on Amazon, the Library of Congress or about 175 other sites, click on your edition of the book and it automatically enters it into your catalogue. I've got another ten books to add to it already :-)

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