Eight Day Marathon - Day Five

It sure is windy out there! The wind pushed me to the bus stop, it pushed my granny, my sister and I out to the cafe where we had cupcakes, pushed me back to the bus stop, and now it's crying about the windows and doors, waiting for me to go out again, when it will push me down the street to the restaurant where we'll have cena (dinner). I've learned more Latin in the past 10 months than I ever knew before.
In between, I've actually gotten some work done! On page 104 of 165, Chapter 21. I have about ten pages or so of linking scenes to add in, plus 10 or 20 to finish the novel. Then the real editing can begin...
I couldn't help it, I've started reading Jo Bourne's The Spymaster's Lady (on the bus, so not out of working time) and I can't help but marvel at her language (neverminding the plot!). Not a word, description, phrase out of place. And yet it's rich with scene-setting and little foreshadowing hints.
So my editing for language and theme and plot, etc. will have to focus on just that sort of writing.
*waiting for Jenny's contest announcement!*


Granny got pushed around by the wind! Poor granny.

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