Eight Day Marathon - Day Three II

Oof! If I wasn't so busy, I would have time to be discouraged! I hadn't dreamed how much I had left blank, or how boring the beginning of the novel was! I've tidied it up a bit now, and successfully removed a lot of those square brackets - all that research is bearing fruit, it's very exciting. But after over three hours I'm only on page 30 of about 160 - I need at least another week off from work!
Still, it's a very good feeling to have waded back into the story. As long as I can keep it exciting, then I'll be even more eager to reach a final draft and begin sharing it with others.
Here's a snip! I can't believe I'm writing about my beloved UK this way...

from The Face of A Lion by Deniz Bevan:
Antonius looked Austin up and down as they shook hands. The older boy’s hands were calloused and dry with powder. “There are rumours that Claudius wants to invade Britain, and I want to be ready if it happens. They’ll need lots of young blood to quell those barbarian Celts, and I want to be in the front lines.” A wistful expression came over his face. “First I’ll teach them a lesson they’ll never forget, and later – to the victor belong the spoils, as they say.”
Theseus gazed in awe at his brother. “Are you going to stay there?”
“Sure. They’ll need at least one permanent garrison to control the rabble and once the main army’s gone, you’re laughing – who else is going to be in charge? Lands, cattle, women, it’ll all belong to the soldiers that stay behind. What would I get if I stayed in Rome? Constant marching up and down the dusty roads, lining up at the end of each month to collect my [two denarii] with all the other so-called Imperial guards, jostling for political positions. Ha! That’s no life for me! But I’ll have to work hard until then. Come on, I’ve got something to do with you kids.”
Austin and Theseus followed Antonius down the street behind the gymnasium, skipping on every other step to keep up with his brisk soldier’s pace.


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