Eight Day Marathon - Day Two

Well now. In yesterday's vanished post I had written all the details of my eight-day marathon and invited anyone who wants to, to come and join me! I'd also written out my schedule and was getting all set to update you-all this morning when I realised that the post seems to have gone into internet netherland...
Here's a quick version of the schedule. I have the week off work and will hopefully not let family or my own procrastination get in the way...
Saturday: visit with Nanny-in-law and consolidate all research (put together all notes from flagged pages, etc.)
Sunday: take down decorations, shop for bridemaids dress, read I Claudius
Monday: write all filler/bridge scenes for The Face of A Lion
Tuesday: continue from Monday and find names for X, Y, Z, Q, etc.
Wednesday: go for lunch with Granny and go to the library
Thursday: finish query for Young Dogs
Friday: write last scene
Saturday: finish final draft of The Face of A Lion
Sunday: rest!
Pressing "publish" with the hope that this post will not disappear...


>the post seems to have gone into internet netherland

You wrote in Dutch?!
Ardent said…
Good Luck Deniz :)
Jenny said…
I'm in! Because apparently there's way more to do than I thought, but I can't let myself slack off now.

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