Ten Things I've Done That No One Else Has

I've tagged myself off Claire, but this discussion is also going wild over on the Books and Writers forum.
1. Eaten kokorec – intestines served gyro-style – at 3 am from a street vendor in Taksim, Istanbul, Turkey
2. Baked cookies for the band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and had them praised in their tour diary
3a. Walked the entire length of Dame Judi Dench Walk in York
3b. Fallen asleep in the sunshine on a bench atop Calton Hill in Edinburgh
3c. Visited Ephesus and Mary's House at least 6 times as a layman and hopefully once more next year for research!
4. Spent an entire day indoors one 30-degree summer in Turkey because I had four baby chicks asleep on my lap...
5. Gotten lead poisoning in my finger from an HB lead pencil
6. Watched a three-masted sailing ship on the Mediterranean from a cafe in Bonifacio, Corsica
7. Collected sand from Aberdyfi, Wales and kept it in my jacket pocket for three weeks before delivering it to my mom, the sand collector
8. Eaten the same lunch every weekday for nearly eight months in a row – Turkish pide, green salad and rice pudding
9. Received a postcard from author Julian Barnes
10. Read The Lord of The Rings once a year since I was 10

I'm going to add two more:
1. While working as a girl friday on a fashion magazine, gave myself authority to pull an ad days before publication because they had spelled Hemingway with two Ms. Called company and told them to change it.
2. Slept right through a burglary while my 70+ great-aunt fended off the guy and kicked him out of the house. Turns out he was drunk/high and just wanted to raid the fridge... In the morning she wished she had given him some food.

Consider yourself tagged!
(now that I know how, I'm adding hyperlinks everywhere!)


You can't get lead poisoning from...oh, wait, we went thru that already.
Deniz Bevan said…
In which case that's the first and only time I've ever gotten a random infection like that. Oh, let me add something to the list - I ran into a glass wall playing tag and have three identical silver scars on my wrist...

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