Where I've Been

Yes I know I haven't been updating regularly. I have actually been rereading and editing The Face of A Lion for the past week, just not quite as diligently as I had hoped. I'll be signing up for Round Three of the 70 Days of Sweat to really force myself to buckle down. And I've been participating in the first lines/paragraphs/pages thread over on the CompuServe forum and gotten some great feedback (thanks guys!).
...aaaand I've also received feedback on the first page from a real-live
reader (Hi Mack!). The verdict? Needs more action *g* Don't worry, there's definitely lots of action in the book, but this is a great clue - I'll have to work on tightening the pace.

Something else I've been busy with: planning trips! I might be gonig to Ottawa next weekend and there may be a road trip to the States in June... Details to follow!
Now onto the Books I've Read update...


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