Tag! I'm it! I've been tagged by Carol!

The rules:

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c. Write six random things about yourself.
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The six random facts:

1. I can count to 5 in eight languages (English, French, German, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Welsh and Swedish)

2. My dreams are mostly like video games – lots of running, jumping, chasing, car crashes, wild animals, near-escapes... lots of fun!

3. I’ve never eaten at: Burger King; Kentucky Fried Chicken; or Quiznos. I’ve only ever eaten at Taco Bell once, and Denny’s once. Denny’s was the worst! I haven’t eaten anything but ice cream at McDonald’s in about ten years.

4. I once almost bought a Dali statuette at the Dali Museum in Paris – it was of Alice, skipping, and only cost 1000$, which was all the money I had in the world at the time. I just couldn’t believe it was an original Dali, being sold for so little, and I was too frightened of the snooty saleswoman to ask about it (I was 17). So I bought two prints instead. Here’s one:

I just Googled now and the staue’s worth about 10,000$ Rats!

5. I’ve never had the same job for longer than four and a half years.

6. I’ve never taken the SATs but we did the PSATs at my school – I got 53/100 in Math and 97/100 in English...

The tags (I was going to tag Sarah and Nina but was beaten to it!):


Um, I haven't really *got* anyone else, except for people who don't update their blogs...


Lottery Girl said…
OMGosh! You've never eaten at all those places? My hat is off to you. I WISH I could say I've never eaten at most of those places. I love cooking at home and eating simply, but sometimes, I've gone astray.
Lottery Girl said…
Oh yeah--and the Salvadore Dali print is STUNNING!!!

They actually have a Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL. It's AWESOME!!! Although it does have some very kinky paintings in it as well as paintings of great spirituality. My daughter who went with me at the time was five years old, and wanted to know exactly what the people in the painting were doing. Thankfully, I could honestly tell her I didn't have a clue.
Rose D. said…
That first random fact is awesome. (g) Which of those languages is your favorite by the sound of the rhythm and words?

I once learned greetings for about a fifty or so languages (mostly European)-- the fun thing is I've gotten random opportunities to use several of them.
Didn't we do a meme like this before?

Several years ago, perhaps when we lived in New York, we went to an art gallery once & saw some prints for sale that were signed "Dali". The woman there, however, had a disclaimer that they couldn't or wouldn't guarantee that they were authentic.
Deniz Bevan said…
Really, a Dali museum? I'll have to plan a Florida trip soon!

Hmm, my favourite language? Well, I'd have to be biased and say Welsh. I like Turkish too, cos it's so different to all the others I know. Hard to choose!

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