Resolution No. 7

(In honour of Tennessee Whiskey, No. 7 that is...)

I’ve made this resolution before, but think I have a better than usual chance of keeping it this time:

I will not buy any more books between now and the McGill Book Fair!

I have to update the catalogue and the books I’m reading list, but suffice to say that my To Read pile is actually about seven piles (No. 7 again!) and shows no signs of dwindling in the near future.

Originally, I was going to set my deadline for the release of Diana’s next book but I’m not sure when the noir is coming out and I’m especially not sure I can wait for a whole other year or so before the graphic novel and Echo in the Bone are released.

If, however, the book fair date (22 October) comes and goes, and I find I still don’t need to actually *buy* any books (no excuses!), I might try to hang on to my resolution.

The only flaw I can see in this plan even now is that Folio Society membership renewals are usually due around September. These books look expensive, but I’ve been buying them for over ten years now, and between the buy-one-get-one free sales and the extra books that come with renewals every year, I’ve only really paid about 15$ for each book, and have over a hundred gorgeous titles all on their own bookshelf :-)


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