Dear Canada

I've been reading some of the books in the Scholastic Dear Canada series. Each book is the diary of a girl living through a significant moment in Canada's history. I say, "diary of a girl", because as far as I know, none of these books is told from a boy's point of view. And yet men do keep journals. What's going on here?

To date I've read:
A Season for Miracles, twelve short stories by twelve Dear Canada authors
Orphan at My Door and Brothers Far from Home, both by Jean Little
And I'm almost finished reading Marsha Skrypuch's Prisoners in the Promised Land. Marsha's also a member of the KidCrit section in the Books and Writers Community.
I'd like to read Janet Lunn's A Rebel's Daughter and Kit Pearson's Whispers of War, since they're my other two favourite Canadian YA authors, and maybe someday I'll read all the other books. But I'm not supposed to be buying any at the moment :-)

I've actually got glimmers of an idea for my own Dear Canada book, to take place during the Depression. Not sure yet... Something about a girl named Rose and a boy named Sam. It's supposed to be set in Montreal, though it would be nice to bring in Charles and Oliver, from my short story He Ain't Heavy - and they live out on the prairies.

However, I can't concentrate on that yet - I'm supposed to be busy working on sending The Face of A Lion into the wide world...


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