I Need An Intern

I used to need one to complete my catalogue of books, but I finally got that done myself (see bottom of the blog). I had no idea that Elance existed! I found out about it on this great blog.

Tasks I still need an intern for:

Type up all of the scraps and scribbles where I've written my dreams

Add the 200+ books I've gotten since I finished the catalogue

Create a filing cabinet with organized lables for all the articles/webpages/clippings/brochures/etc. I've collected over the years

Go through all the piles of "saved stuff" and extract every Folio catalogue, then make a comprehensive list of all the Folio books I want

Create a database to store every piece of advice/recipe/good idea/remember to look up/song quotes/poetry quotes/etc. I've ever collected

Make a master list of Books/Albums/Singles/DVDs I want

Find a use for all the 10-inch bits of wool I have left

Once I choose photos to be printed, have the photos printed, have some enlarged, and frame everything in the house (photos, postcards and posters) that still needs to be framed

Clean my antique telephone

Take care of my plants for me


Lottery Girl said…

Years ago I used to want to have Hudson, the butler from the PBS show Upstairs Downstairs come and fix up my house. I know he'd have every aspect of my life in order, and not only would I be able to find anything at any time, but all the junk would look so much better by the time he got done with it.

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