"I've been up since 5.30 you know!" OR What Should I Do?!

Sort of. Monday and Tuesday I was up at 5 and got masses of revision done before leaving for work.

But it's really hard to get up that early on only 6 hours of sleep! I couldn't do it this morning, especially since I was having a really interesting dream about... something that involved paper anyway :-)

So now, with about 50 manuscript pages left to go, I'm stuck again. And the number of unfinished scenes is much higher than I thought and keeps growing.

Without abrogating my previous goals (especially that of having a complete, final MS by the end of November), I am facing a dilemma:

Do I keep plugging away at revisions or do I stop and return to creation mode and write up all the scenes that are missing?

The quote in the title, by the way, comes from Basil Fawlty :-)


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