Statistics for The Face of A Lion

Got this from Jen:

Word Count: 77000, but that's including some notes here and there.

Scenes: Scenes? Each Chapter is almost one scene, so about 35.

Characters On The Chopping Block: Haven't cut anyone yet. No one's died either. Hmmm...

Scenes On The Chopping Block: Not entire scenes (or maybe I can't remember) but definitely lots of commentary and strange reactions and people who don't belong in certain places...

Total word count loss? Not sure... it averages, you see. I cut two paragraphs, but then I add in a missing scene...

Scenes Left To Write: Too many. About ten.

Scenes Left To Revise: About 15 Chapters. Then I have to re-read the entire MS *again*.

My Next Move: Finish this week's edits, i.e. the 15 Chapters. Then print the MS and deal with all the highlighted bits (research to check, words to tweak, etc.), then type in (i.e. create) all the missing scenes, then print the MS and read it ALL!

Estimated Time of Delivery (to Betas): My original goal (from c. June) was the end of summer. Now it's been pushed to my birthday (November). But I hope to be at the "read it ALL" stage by mid-October so I can take it with me on vacation (more on that later).

I'd like to echo Jen: I need all of you to send virtual chocolate :-)


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