Mission Accountability

So far so squat! Really! My goals for the week on Mission Accountability were to finish my travel essay for Bizim Anadolu and write some scenes. What I've actually done:
Wrote the first paragraph of the essay twice!
Applied for a new post at work and taken an exam for it where I cranked out a 300 word essay in 20 minutes. Good grief. I think I'll start using an egg timer for my own writing...
Sorted through my 2000 vacation photos (darn these digital cameras!) to find scrapbook-worthy ones to print - I still have 1000 and my goal is 200!
But seriously. Today at lunch I must finish a draft of the essay. That leaves Thursday/Friday lunch hours to write for the novel - with the egg timer! - and nighttime for sorting photos.
I haven't been in Austin's world for almost three weeks, though I think of him every day. I can't wait to dive back in and see how he's doing!


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