A Nasreddin Hoca Tale

A short tale featuring Nasreddin Hoca, as coloured by me, age 10:


One day, Hoca ran into a gossipy neighbour, who remarked, "There's a tray of baklava going by."
Hoca snapped, "what do I care?" (or "what's it to me?")
"But I think it's going to your house."
"Well then, what do you care?" (or "what's it to you?")


I didn't know that was hand-colored. I had always assumed that it was printed in color!
Deniz Bevan said…
Yup, I was sitting on my bed, coloured pencils all around me, and both my mom and grandmother came in to say "you can't colour on the bed! What about your back? You'll dirty the sheets! You can't colour without a desk beneath the paper!" and so on. Then when I finished it, they forgot they'd said all that... I'm still much better at colouring others' work than at creating my own.
Ardent said…
I love Nasreddin Hoca stories.
beste barki said…
We must have it laminated and keep it.

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