And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programme

Three days and eighteen pages left to go on the editing, and I'm getting a little discouraged... Seems I really ran out of steam in the last few chapters - lots of loose ends to tie up and dialogue to fix and description to add.
I love Austin and Kedi and their story but I wish... I'm not sure. Time alone with a computer? More hours in the day?
Whatever it is, though, I'd like to figure it out before the new year (remember the Charlie Brown when Lucy enters Linus in the New Year pageant? and Linus gets all stressed? I tried to find a link of some sort but Google didn't turn anything up this time...) comes in - and then institute a regimen of some sort (sorry, had to use that word - just caught someone trying to use it but saying regiment instead, without understanding the difference) and then stick to it.
Sven is still going strong, so he might provide some incentive...


Erm, misspelling a word and "understanding the difference" are two very different things.
Deniz Bevan said…
no no, not mispelling it - using it in conversation! Like people who say "it's a trivial game" when they mean trivia... ugh!

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