Be An Agent for a Day Continues!

Now the UK press have picked up on Nathan Bransford's Challenge.

Today Nathan asked, if you were an agent how would you handle submissions? I thought I'd be the type to offer personalized comments, but after having done all 50 in one day, I've realised:
a) how much work that would actually involve; and
b) how hard it is to keep it simple if you're personalizing - it's so easy to start a flow of criticim and suggestions, and so very difficult to keep them reined.
I now have much greater sympathy for form rejections.

I also agree with Adam and Nixy's points, and can definitely see how they fit in with, say, Query 43.

In the end, I only "chose" 3 to request a partial from. There were two others - the ones I think came from already-published authors - that I could have chosen, but I'd already rejected them (since I was reading them in order from 1 to 50 and had many more to go) and couldn't retract my rejection. Without the set limit of 5, i.e. if I was a real agent, I would have requested partials from those.

I've been sending out my query letter without a word count, because I'd been told that 90,000 words is a little much for a middle-grade novel. Now, though, I think it might be best if I re-jig the letter to include the word count, but omit Austin's age and call it YA.

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