Research Weirdnesses

This post is my reply to Susan's questions: "What kind of research have you found yourself doing? What weird worlds have you explored?"
I agree with her that research is lots of fun, since you get to discover new facts and perspectives, learn about whole areas of vegetable/animal/mineral life and history, and uncover weird and wonderful new words.

Some of the (odder) topics I've researched in the course of writing:

Rituals of the Temple of Artemis
The Reconquista
Sea levels in Turkey over the past 2000 years
Was Columbus Scottish?
Musical groups in Montreal in the 1930s
Pub names in ancient Rome
Greeks and Armenians in Arnavutkoy, Istanbul c. 1910
How long it takes to drive from Halmstad to Stockholm
Riddles of the Greeks and Romans
The Spanish Inquisition
Hotels on Capri
Ottoman life and courtly customs in the 19th century

How about you?


>Sea levels in Turkey over the past 2000 years

Why didn't you ask me?! I have several papers on that subject!
>The Spanish Inquisition

I wasn't expecting that! :D
Deniz Bevan said…
Nobody expects the...

I'm almost certain I *did* get my sea level info from you! That, and the cheesy little map they have at St. John's in Selcuk...

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