New Year Tag!

Marsha had a recent post about how September sometimes feels more like a New Year than 1 January does - at least in the Northern Hemisphere, what with back-to-school-shopping et al. - and summarized her writing life for the past two years.

I've turned her post into a tag! Mine covers the period since I joined the Compuserve Books and Writers Community, which was almost exactly three years ago.

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged (though it needn't be about writing, of course, but whatever project you've embarked on).

Drafts written: About 4 for The Face of A Lion (YA novel), 3 or 4 for my short story He Ain't Heavy, 2 YAs currently started

Books completed: 1 (The Face of A Lion)

Books published: Ha ha. Not even an agent yet!

Rejections received: Hmm... I think I'm at 40 (from agents). Though I did just participate in CANSCAIP's Blue Pencil contest and received some very favourable comments.

Wine consumed: No wine, and unfortunately no whisky, as my writing revolves around work life. But counting the days when I bribed myself to get up early (say, 5.30 am) to write, with the promise of a latte... Hmm, about 75 cups, at 3.33$ each... I'll have to sell my book for 250$!

Weight gained: Hmm, pretending for a moment that this is not about the weight I myself might have gained but rather the total weight of all my printed manuscripts... I would estimate a large suitcase-ful; about 30 kg (over the airlines' limit!).

Money earned: Earned? How about spent? On notepads, pens, memory sticks, CDs, coffee, contests, stamps, etc. The price of the book is rising...

Job satisfaction: 100% How could it not be? I just woke up with another new idea this morning!


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