Why I Write Longhand

I tried composing on the computer tonight. It worked, I got 404 words out of it and the beginning to one of the most important scenes in Rosa's story.
And yet.
I spend way too much time changing words and erasing and retyping to fix typing-related spelling errors. I can't touch type, though I type very fast, so that might have something to do with my preference as well. I find I pause much more often when keying in words than I do when gliding along with a pen (which has to be a - shameless plug coming up - Pilot G-TEC-C4). My thoughts seem to flow from head to hand much more smoothly when using a pen.
There's also the ever present internet danger when using the computer - I stopped writing at least three times to research something on the spot. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as it saves work later, but it also leads to quick-research, not a detailed exploration. The story definitely shouldn't be entirely based on Wikipedia, that goes without saying.
Oddly enough, the type of paper doesn't make much difference to me, though I do prefer ruled paper.
How about you? Pen or keyboard? Lined paper or freeform? Leather bound books or Word2007?

In other news, I'm managing to keep my head above water in Kait's 250 words a day challenge!

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