"It Was Twenty Years Ago Today..."

Roughly speaking, at any rate.
Yes, twenty years or so ago, I read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings for the first time, and the direction of a lot of things in my life changed. As far as I remember, I'd already read The Chronicles of Narnia as well, and with that introduction to the Inklings, I never looked back.
Since then, I've read all of Tolkien's works, most of C S Lewis', as well as some of the writings of Charles Williams, Owen Barfield, Dorothy Sayers, George MacDonald, and many others revered or reviled by, or otherwise connected with, the denizens of The Eagle and Child (aka Bird and Baby) pub.
Many of my other interests - the history of the British Isles, love of Welsh, the time In Between Wars, etc. - were solidified by or heightened after my discovery of Tolkien's writings. I had started writing my own stories long before that, but I wonder if I would have kept it up, without such masterful examples to follow?
Embarking today on what I guess to be my twenty-first reread of The Lord of the Rings. Can't wait to see what I discover this time around!


Hobbit yes, so full of win and now i encourage you to listen to everything led zeppelin.
We share a journey, us writers.
Your site rock.
Have a great weekend.
Deniz Bevan said…
Coming on two 30 years! Had my annual reread back in September.

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