What's the Date Today?

Yes, that’s right, it’s the 27th of November. There are three days left in the month. And what happens at the end of the month?

Drum roll in the distance...

NaNoWriMo comes to an end! Now, guess who completely forgot about NaNo in the last few days?

That’s right! Me!

Having pushed myself through Jen’s marathon (with perhaps not the highest number of words I could have obtained, but at least I was writing everyday and getting entire scenes on paper) I then accepted an editing task at work, for overtime pay, and devoted the next few nights to that, with a resulting sleep deprived headache occasioning an early night last night. Which brings me to today, three days before the end of NaNo, with only c. 30000 words; it’s hardly worth bothering to have anyone verify my handwritten word count (see Luddite clause in the post below).

My loftiest goal was to have the SFD completed by the end of the year. This may or may not happen, but what I really need to do now is head for the library. With 30000 words in, it’s about time I researched the heck out of my time and location.


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