If Your Desk Could Talk

Quite coincidentally, on the heels of my self-assessment, over at Write On!, Marsha asks:

What would your desk say?

Since I don't have a desk as such, let's go with "what would your notebook say?"

Right off the bat, my notebook would like to mention that he's not my only notebook, and the he himself is jammed full of sticky notes, computer printouts, neatly torn pages from other notepads, and even brochures and photocopies from other documents. It's all very tidy, but takes a lot of wading through. Especially prominent are the printouts from internet research or photocopies from books - pages so chockfull of info that taking notes from them would not have been enough. Not to mention the reams of printed advice from Diana Gabaldon, Joanna Bourne, et al.

Then there are the different coloured inks used - pink, brown, black, red, but all in the same thickness, courtesy of my gorgeous Pilot pens. The handwriting starts off small and neat at the top of each page, but a few pages into a scene, on the verso, becomes sprawling and messy (making estimates of word count extremely difficult to come by).

Doodles in the margins appear in a different colour from the original text; these occur at random around the time I start typing up the handwritten pages, and become even more easily distracted than usual...

There are no stains, but if there were, they might come from lattes and chocolate, when I write away from home, and from brewed coffee and buttered toast when I write at home, on the sofa.

Apples for reading and coffee for writing! Or, if you're brave, try Stephanie's Weird **s Trail Mix!

PS Yes, the "quite coincidentally" at the start of my post was used simply so I could showcase another lovely drop cap.


I would like to see that notebook of yours one day.

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