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Noughties or Uh-ohs, whatever they're being called; my decade wrap-up hasn't been written yet.

But it's been a while since I detailed where I'm at with Rose's story, which takes place in 1492, the year that Jews were exiled from Spain. I'm about 25,000 words in and have a ways to go, plus all my research to start. Not to mention, I need a proper title!

Besides Rose, a young Jewish girl living in southern Spain, I have a monk, who may be a Benedictine or Cistercian, a distant cousin of hers by marriage that she's falling for - who's Jewish but enamoured by knights and the ideals of chivalry - and a new addition, a Muslim artist, returning from studying art in Italy, to Constantinople, to the family that disowned him. Rose's "uncle", a friend of her parents', is sailing with Christopher Columbus; before he leaves, he reveals that he's actually Rose's father - which makes her Catholic not Jewish.

There are a lot of journeys in the story, as Rose becomes separated from her family and embarks across Spain, France and the Mediterranean, on the long sea voyage to Constantinople. I'd like to credit Adderbury for giving me the jump to start the next series of scenes, as Rose's ship docks on the Golden Horn...

For anyone who's further along in their drafts, here's a great list of items to look for in revisions. And congratulations to Jenny, winner of Nathan's contest!


Cindy said…
Hi Deniz:
This story seems to me akin to the notion of stuffing an whole pack of bubblegum in your mouth at one time. Delicious, and an awful lot to chew! I applaud your ability to take it on, because I tried myself to write historical fiction and I..well, I changed my mind. After 5 years and a LOT of research, I couldn't actually write the story, I was overwhelmed by my obsessive need to be accurate. I'm looking forward to seeing how you handle that, because I have a lot to learn. I would love to finish my historical one day.

Question, can a Benedictine monk be Jewish? Or is he in hiding?
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Cindy! I swear, I must find these ideas just to torture myself; why can't I be writing about Scotland and Wales? Now *that* would be research!
Uh oh, was my summary confusing? The monk's definitely not Jewish, he just unwittingly gets saddled with travelling with Rose, who thought she was Jewish but just found out she's Catholic. Whew!

I was running through The Story So Far in my head this morning, and having fun seeing where they're goign next.

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