A Post About Posts To Come

Wonder of wonders, I've been writing!

Getting up early and getting words down on paper, I mean, not just following random plot trails in my head. I've also typed up some words and gotten ahead in research (boning up on the Renaissance).
Which leaves me with a list of blog ideas and no actual post. I've got some Nora Ephron quotes to mull over, a wonderful quote on writing from Somerset Maugham, a new book to discuss (Brockmeier's The Brief History of the Dead) and some thoughts on plotting, inspired by Marsha and the writers at All The World's Our Page.
Meanwhile, Bill Watterson has given an interview, and Maker's Mark have a new bourbon coming.

Very important events, these, from a writer's point of view.


Marsha Moore said…
Go Deniz go! Good to hear you're writing, researching and plotting -let me know if you come to any revelations about plotting; I'd love to hear them!
Cindy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cindy said…
Oops, I said this backwards, before:

Blogging being secondary to WRITING, we'll wait for those posts. If we must.

See, the other way around is just wrong.

So, good for you on the new words! Need those. Those are important.

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