The Draft Is Now At...

Rose's story that is. The draft is now at...

36,001 words!

It's not that much to celebrate, though, unfortunately. I started the story last June/July, and at this rate wouldn't be finished before Christmas, whereas the goal is to complete the first draft this summer. Close to 1,500 words today; I need at least 1,000 words *per day* if I'm going to make that goal. That's a lot of five a.m. wake up calls.

(misses the first verse)


Aubrie said…
That's still a hefty number for a word count and a great start! I try for 1k a day, but some days I work all day so there's not enough time.
Deniz Bevan said…
Thanks Aubrie! It was way more than I expected when I sat down - especially cos I was typing. I tend to get way more words when using pen and paper, usually, than I do on the computer.

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